DVGTCA 2021-2022  Schedule of Events *Info subject to change    
Alvernia Alvernia Lehigh (RJBIC) Alvernia Lehigh Alvernia
Fri-Dec 10-5:30PM Fri-Dec 17-5:30PM Wed-Dec 29-8:00AM Fri-Jan 7-5:30PM Fri-Jan 14-6:30PM Fri-Jan 21-5:30PM
4x800m DMR 1200-400-800-1600 SMR (400-200-200-800) 4x800m DMR 1200-400-800-1600 4x800m
60m H (2) 60m H (2) 60m H 60m H (2) 60m H (2) 60m H (2)
60m  60m  60m  60m  60m  60m 
*300m/200m *300m/200m Mile *300m/200m *300m/200m *300m/200m
*400m/600m *400m/600m 400m *400m/600m *400m/600m *400m/600m
*800m/1000m *800m/1000m 60m H finals *800m/1000m *800m/1000m *800m/1000m
3000m Mile 60m finals 3000m Mile 3000m
4x400m 4x400m 800m 4x400m 4x400m 4x400m
4x200m 4x200m 200m 4x200m 4x200m 4x200m
Long Jump Long Jump 3000m Long Jump Long Jump Long Jump
Triple Jump Triple Jump DMR 1200-400-800-1600 Triple Jump Triple Jump Triple Jump
High Jump  High Jump  4x200m High Jump  High Jump (2) High Jump 
Shot Put  Shot Put  4x800m Shot Put  Shot Put (2) Shot Put 
Pole Vault  Pole Vault  4x400m Pole Vault  Pole Vault (3) Pole Vault 
Lehigh Lehigh   Consolat-Glen Mills Champs-Lehigh Online Entries Due
Fri-Jan 28-6:30PM Fri-Feb 4-6:30PM   Mon-Feb 14-6:00PM Fri-Feb 18-6:30PM Mon-Feb 14 @ 8:59 PM
DMR 1200-400-800-1600 4x800m   55mH (3) Running events @ 6:45 PM Field events @ 6:30 PM
60m H (2) 60m H (2)   4x800m 6:45 PM - 4x800m Long Jump
60m  60m    55m (3) 7:05 PM - 60m H trials Triple Jump
*300m/200m *300m/200m   200m 7:15 PM - 60m trials High Jump
*400m/600m *400m/600m   400m 7:25 PM - DMR 12-4-8-16 Pole Vault
*800m/1000m *800m/1000m   800m 7:50 PM - 60m H finals Shot Put
Mile 3000m   Mile 8:00 PM - 60 m finals  
4x400m 4x400m   4x200m 8:05 PM - 200m *NO SCRATCH MEET
4x200m 4x200m   3000m 8:15 PM - 400m Athlete can compete 
Long Jump Long Jump   4x400m 8:35 PM - 800m in 3 events only@MOC
Triple Jump Triple Jump   High Jump(2) 8:50 PM - Mile  
High Jump (2) High Jump (2)   Shot Put (2) 9:05 PM - 4x200m  
Shot Put (2) Shot Put (2)     9:25 PM - 3000m  
Pole Vault (3) Pole Vault (3)     9:45 PM - 4x400m   
*** Numbers in () indicate the amount of athletes a coach may enter in that event****  
All athletes can compete in 2 events at all regular season meets    
In the following events a coach must select either/or event to enter:  300/200, 400/600, 800/1000