2019-2020 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes (2)


Wednesday, March 10, 2020 @ 6:30pm

Peppers Italian Restaurant & Bar

175 Town Center Rd

King of Prussia, PA 19406


Board Members Present:

1.      President, Lenny Jordan (absent)

2.      Vice-President, Jermaine Lowery (absent)

3.      Executive Director, Jerome Lowery

4.      Secretary, Drew Eckel

5.      Historian/Statistician, Terry Lillicrapp (absent)

6.      Webmaster, Terry Lillicrapp (absent)


Committee Members Present:

7.      Ron Lopresti, Chief Starter

8.      Peter Bullard, Head FAT System

9.      Jeanne Bullard, Head High Jump

10.  Fred McCray, Head Hurdles/Relays

11.  Kevin Munnelly, Finish Line Coordinator

12.  Matt Dwyer, Head Spike Check

13.  Scott Menin, Head Shot Put

14.  Bill Smith, Head Long Jump

15.  Michelle Ezzie, At Large FAT System


Committee Members Absent but accounted for:

1.      Bill Coren, Novice Meet Director

2.      Terry Lillicrap, Historian/Statistician & Webmaster

3.      Jermaine Lowery, Vice-President




*See Page 2 for meeting minutes

Meeting was called to order by Director Lowery at 6:33pm



Director Lowery thanked Jeanne Bullard for securing a meeting location.

ITEM 1: DVGTCA Coaches Handbook

Coaches Handbook:

Jeanne Bullard mentioned the fact that there are teams who never pay on time. Two teams this year had not paid and were concerned that they were not allowed to compete in the MOC. The Executive Committee voted to let both teams compete after they supplied a purchase order to the Association. Stated that the boys’ league has the same problem, but we need to do something.

Resolution: Director Lowery recommended that schools must be paid by the third meet of the season or they are not allowed to participate. Teams would not be allowed back to compete until they are paid (after the third meet). If teams are not paid by first meet, they need to send purchase order.

1F – Peter Bullard mentioned that individuals are required to have their clearances to be working with athletes or being involved with meet activities. We have no way of verifying these clearances for people such as outside pole vault coaches, throws coaches, etc.

Resolution: Send out a general email to all schools saying that if they have an outside source working with an athlete, we need to have proof of clearances.

5 – Peter Bullard mentioned that uniforms should be legal (not “standard” as said in handbook). How do we see this before athletes are on the track?

Resolution: Have the athletes tuck in their shirt to compete in their event and when clerking in.


Transgender athletes:

Ron Lopresti stated that the PIAA says that whatever the school identifies the student as, is what the athlete is considered. No questions asked.


ITEM 2: Communication to Member Schools

Thank You:

Drew Eckel for his amazing job with emailing correspondence to member schools


ITEM 3: New Member Schools

Schools to be Admitted:

We are no longer accepting schools outside of district 1 or district 12 into the league. Old members can rejoin the league if they are within one of those two districts.        



ITEM 4: Organizational Suggestions and/or Improvements

Concerns From the Committee:

Jeanne Bullard said that a high jumper came later in the year with illegal spikes. She had no idea because she just began jumping. Should the league buy spikes to sell to coaches at the league membership meeting? Should we keep them at the spike check table for each meet? Matt Dwyer noted that he believes they should be sold at the coaches meeting and some meets. Ron Lopresti noted that big meets (states and carnival) do not have this problem. Secretary Eckel stated that once we start selling them, it becomes our problem. We may run out, we may not have them at one meet… then it becomes our problem and the coaches then blame the Association.

Resolution: Keep it the coaches responsibility to have their students properly equipped. It should not be the Association’s job to give out and sell spikes to member schools or athletes. Everyone should know the acceptable spikes since they get the email about pyramids only.


Coaches Failure to Work:

Director Lowery stated that one coach failed to work and the AD of the school sincerely apologized for their coach not being present after an email was sent to the AD. Bill Smith noted that long jump and triple jump have the most problems. Once the coaches show up to work, they leave and then he has trouble starting the event.

Resolution: Continue to email AD’s with coaches that do not show up on time at 6:30 for their designated event.


Mahoney’s LED Board:

            Unanimous that the board should be brought back for the 2020-2021 season.


PIAA Rules, Regulations, Notes from Head Starter, Ron Lopresti:

Ron Lopresti noted that having Ted, the second starter, was instrumental in running the meets efficiently this year. Everyone unanimously agreed to have Ted back for another year.


300m, 600m, 1000m Issues:

Jeanne Bullard said that coaches constantly are entering athletes into the 200 & 300, 400 & 600, and 800 & 1000. Ron Lopresti stated the events mean nothing in terms of qualifying for the state meet of even MOC. Kevin Munnelly stated that we have too many events to begin with in Pennsylvania. Secretary Eckel mentioned that these events aren’t run at many other meets. It was brought up that coaches use it as a training exercise or workout for an athlete since we are a developmental league.

Resolution: Decided to table the idea until the fall preseason meeting and the school membership meeting.

Committee Recommendation: The majority of the committee voted to eliminate the 300, 600, and 1000. 3 voted to keep the events, 2 abstained, and 10 voted to eliminate  the events.

Pole Vault/Shepherds Clerk:

Director Lowery said that we had coaches sign up for an hour time slot for the pole vault. If the coach left early or didn’t show up, an email was sent to the AD. We will continue with the hour time slot so that coaches are able to rotate and see their athletes compete.


Hip Numbers for Field Event Athletes:

Director Lowery noted that we only use hip numbers for the long and triple jump. Bill Smith said that it helped both horizontal jumps run smoothly this year. Scott Menin said that the shot put does not have any problems because most of the athletes remain at the area the entire time.

Resolution: Everything will remain the same and we will continue to use the hip numbers for the horizontal jumps.


Penn Relays Sponsorship of the “Philly Area Championships”:

Director Lowery said that Mr. Hickey mentioned sponsoring the Greater Philadelphia 4x400m relay at the Penn Relays. We tabled the idea until more information was brought about.


2nd heat for 4x800?:

Matt Dwyer noted that we should add a second heat of the 4x800m relay to help teams qualify for the state championship. A few coaches brought up the fact that maybe we should change the schedule to the same as the state meet. Ron Lopresti noted that the state meet has a ton of people meet the standard in individual distance events but they are running the 4x800 or DMR and do not end up running the individual events. It was also discussed to have each regular season meet have the option of entering the 4x800 or DMR instead of only offering one each week.

Resolution: The committee voted to add teams to the 4x800m relay (20 total) for the MOC and we will explore the options to change the schedule by adjusting different events in a spread sheet to explore at a later date. The committee also decided to add the choice of DMR and 4x800 to each regular season meet.


MOC combined with the boys’ league at Ocean Breeze:

Director Lowery stated that the Philadelphia area meet at Ocean Breeze opened a lot of eyes to running a banked track late in the season. The boys’ league was seriously considering it, but some schools cannot travel out of state according to insurance. Ocean Breeze provides a great venue but is that the correct option? We talked about doing it on a Wednesday or Thursday which are the only options currently. Kevin Munnelly stated that it is unreasonable to have kids miss more days of school when they already miss so many days for track in the spring.

Resolution: The committee decided to continue with our MOC as is and revisit the possibilities in the future as we see necessary.



All Relay Names to be Used at DVG Meet:

Director Lowery said that there were multiple occasions where an athlete competed in three events, one of which being a relay. It was said that coaches should have to enter names into their relays when entering the meet on MileSplit. Ron Lopresti noted that the problem occurs when you have to clerk in and then the athletes have to say, “Checking in for A.” This presents a lot of work for the clerks who then must keep track of which athletes checked in to run the relay (If team enters more than four names)

Resolution: Have the coaches list the names of each athlete and we can check in Hy-Tek if we think any athlete is running a third event.


Lane Draw for the MOC:

Jeanne Bullard stated that in the 200, 400, 4x200, 4x400 the lane draw is 4, 3, 5, 2, 6. We would only use lane 1 if there is an extra team. Bill Smith brought up some problems that might have occurred at the last meet but Jeanne Bullard was able to pull up the information. Everything was done correctly this year.


Certificate for New Record-Breaking Performance:

Director Lowery wanted to talk about giving awards to athletes who set the record from 2017 on. Ron Lopresti stated that maybe we should start new and give them out from this year forward. If we go back two years, why don’t we go back three years or four years. It seems like there will be some athletes in the past who will not get a certificate.

Resolution: The committee decided to start giving awards from this year on.


Meeting was called to a close by Jerome Lowery @ 8:34 P.M.

Minutes compiled by Drew Eckel, Secretary, March 10, 2019