DVGTCA Meet Procedures


1. Arrival


v  The doors to the facility open ½ hour before the start of the meet.

v  It is best to plan to arrive somewhat before that.  Never drop your athletes off at the door to the facility.  Park the bus and walk to the facility door no earlier than 30 minutes before meet start time. 

v  Remember most of our meets coincide with Friday evening rush hour.  Take that in to consideration when planning a departure time.


2. Meet Check-in


v  After dropping off your athletes, sign next to your school name on the duty sheet.  That sheet will also be at the clerks table.


 3.  Duty


v  This is a coach-run association.  There are no hired officials, so every school is given a responsibility.  It is the head coachÕs responsibility from each school to have someone fulfill the duty assigned until its completion.  It need not be you, but it can not be a parent or an athlete.  If you need to excuse yourself from your duty, make sure the person in charge (e.g. head timer, if you are a timer) knows where you are and when you will be back.


 4.   Entering an Athlete


v All entries should be submitted online at PennTrackXC. If you are not able to provide an accurate seed time, estimate the best you can. This is more important in the shorter races.

v No changes will be allowed at the meet. Entries are due at 11:59 AM on the date of the meet. Scratches are allowed but may not substitute for athlete.

v  Each school is allowed to enter one athlete per event. Additional entries permitted in the 60m H, jumps and shot put.

v  Each athlete is only allowed to compete in two events.

v  For entry purposes, 400m/600m, and 800m/1000m pairings are considered to be one event.

v  Exceptions to the one athlete per event rule are noted on meet schedule (60m H, jumps, shot put).


5.  Event Order


v  There is no time schedule per say, however, the order of events does not vary.  DVGTCA meets always begin with the long relay (either the 4x800m or DMR) within minutes of the meet start time.

v  The individual running events proceed from short to long; starting with the hurdles or dash and ending with either the mile or the 3000m.  The two short relays end the meet, with the 4x400m followed by the 4x200m.  After the first meet you and your athletes should know approximately when they will be competing so they can listen for the clerks call.


 6. Clerking-in

Running Events

v  Athletes should report to the clerk in the center of the field when their event is called.  

v  They should sit and wait for the clerk to give then their heat and lane assignment.  If they are warming up when their event is called, their designee can get their assignment for them.

v  The athlete is responsible for getting their assignment and being present by the time their heat is lined up and brought onto the track.  If an athlete misses their assigned heat they will not be placed into a later section of the same or similar event.

Field Events

v  High Jump, Pole Vault, Shot Put and Long Jump participants should report to the clerk of the event (he/she will be at the event site) at the start of the meet.

v  The Triple Jump starts after the Long Jump is finished.

v  Pole Vault participants need a valid verification form.



7. Timing/Results


v  After the results are recorded, a coach may come to record the results.

v  Keep the finish-line area clear.  Athletes and team managers should not be in this area trying to get splits and times.

v  Results from each meet are posted in a timely manner on the DVGTCA web site (dvgt.com).


8. Qualifying


Meet of Champs:

v  To qualify for the Meet of Champs an athlete or relay team must post a qualifying time in a standard running (i.e. not the 600m or 1000m) or field event during the course of the indoor regular season. 

v  An athlete may only compete in 3 events and if entered in an individual event they must compete.

v  Athletes need to be entered with DVGTCA marks using MileSplit by Monday, February 13, 2017 at 8:59 pm to participate in the Meet of Champs.


9. Exclusions

Food and drink:

v  No food or drink other than water is allowed in the indoor track facilities.  Make sure your athletes are aware they must either leave the facility or go to a designated area to eat or drink.


v  Spiked shoes are not permitted to be worn except at the Meet of Champs.

Cell Phones/Electronics:

v  Any device, personal or otherwise, presents a danger in our crowded facilities, thus are not allowed to be used while moving around in the facility.


10. Association Dues

v  For the 2016-2017 Indoor Season the DVGTA dues are $450.  Checks should be handed in no later than the first meet at the clerks table.


Note: This list of procedures is, by no means, exhaustive.  All PIAA and National Federation rules also apply.  Good sportsmanship is expected and appreciated.  If you have a problem or issue, speak with an individual on the executive committee in a civil manner.